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Memorial vases

Vases are available in:

  • Granite

  • Marble

  • Bronze

  • Various cast metals

  • Different shapes and sizes

A vase brings life to your memorial


Portraits are a means of personalizing a memorial

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Portraits are available as:

- Glazed ceramic discs

- Hand etchings


Ceramic Memorial Portraits available in:

- Black

- White

- Brown and white


You may choose from:

- Eight oval sizes

- Three rectangles, and a square  


A custom cast solid bronze frame can be a wonderful addition to your family memorial. Open rings and covered frames in many designs are available for oval Memorial Portraits. Bronze frames come in standard and polished finishes and rings are also available in chrome, gloss black, and matte black.


Hand etchings are engraved into the granite. Black granites are the best color choice for this type of artwork.

Portrait monument

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In our fast paced world, our memories are more precious than perhaps at any other time in history. Paradise Pictures has improved this historical process and offers the highest quality photo-ceramics in the industry. We combine the latest technology used in photo processing, with ancient glazing techniques, to produce a beautiful, time-tested product. The result is a permanent memorial portrait that brings a lifetime of memories to mind for every family member. Our Memorial Portraits are available in color, black and white, or brown and white. You may choose from eight oval sizes, three rectangles, and a square to enhance any memorial design. We work from your original photographic prints to ensure the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction.